Sling or No Sling

SlingTV has been a great TV streaming service for the 2 years or so that we have used it.  The problem is that for $25 a month, we don’t use it that often.  Primarily, I use it for my Yankees games, and the occasional History Channel Show.  My wife has Lifetime, and one or two other stations.

The problem is that baseball season is over, and my wife hasn’t been watching too much of lifetime.  We also have Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netfilix for shows, and we usually watch them.  I often watch YouTube videos as there is a lot of great content there.

The problem is a show that I love called, the Curse of Oak Island.  30 years ago when I was 12, or so, I found a book about great unsolved mysteries of the world.  Some of them were silly stuff, like the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.  Some of them, like Oak Island, have some truth to them, and others, well, who knows.  In truth, I read the book a long time ago, and I don’t recall all the mysteries in it.

So my wife and  I were talking, and we decided to cancel SlingTV. The Yanks had ended there season, and I thought a few months off would save us a few bucks.  I like football, but I have never been one to enjoy it alone.  I much prefer to watch it with friends, ideally in a bar.  I also prefer to have my Sunday’s to do things with my family.  My team this year, the Giants suck, so missing games is not all that hard either.  In truth, I was always a baseball fan, and prefer to play football than to watch it.

So we figured November to April is like 5 months, and that’s $125 that we can live without.  Well, then my “jerk” of a father reminded me about The Curse of Oak Island.  I have been watching that show for all 6 of it’s seasons, and it has a special place in my heart due to the fact that I find the story telling as compelling as the actual mystery.  I really love it.  Dad and I love a lot of the same shows, shocker, right? A boy and his dad get along, and the boy grows up to have very similar interests.

I was all set to cancel SlingTV when he called to talk about the first show of the new season.  Ugh, and now  I am glued to it each week.  Now, of course, Hulu does carry the show, but I like talking to my dad about each episode after it airs.  Sigh, I feel like a fool for $25 a month for that, but that’s where  I am at today.  I think it will be nice to watch some holiday season shows, my favorite being A Christmas Story.  I watch that on TBS every year, and I might add, it is the reason I got a BB gun as a child.

So what do you folks think, are we making a mistake?  I will likely cancel SlingTV after this show’s season is over, but that may only be a month or so in late Winter or early Spring.

In case you are wondering, my 4 year old knows how to use Netflix, and their wide selection of cartoons is what he watches.  In truth it’s great for all of us.  I repaired a broken touch screen computer, and put it in my kitchen.  All it cost me was a new copy of windows and a new SSD.

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