Financial Status: November Update

Status: Updated November 2018

Progress to Early Retirement: 46%
Progress to Financial Independence: 92%
Progress to Great Start: 100% {Feb 2015}
Percent Home Ownership: 43.35% (home value rose a bit)
Net Worth Breakdown: Home Equity 15% Non Retirement: 27% Retirement: 58%

October 2018 – ER: 45% FI: 90% HO: 42%
September 2018 – ER: 42% FI: 90% HO: 41%
August 2018 – ER: 44% FI: 89% HO: 41.9%

This Month’s Story:

So the crash that I expected started.  Sure it might be a stumble, but well, it happened.  Our investments dropped in value a bit; about 7%.  We made our regular mortgage payment with a small amount extra; about $150.  I made a change to made larger auto contributions to our index funds for our retirement.  I doubled that money.  As time goes by, and we spend less than we take in, I will be buying more and more stocks.  This month we bought a dividend aristocrat.  I plan on buying another in a few weeks.

There will be a big spend this month.  Two, I guess is fair to say.  About a year ago, we had to replace 4 windows in our home that were heavily damaged due to dry rot.  That was a $7,000 bill that we were offered 0% for 1 year.  Well, that year is up in December, so, with my habit of paying off debt a bit early, we will get 11 months of interest on that money.  It’s been sitting in a high yield savings account getting about 2% that’s a free $125 or so.  The other thing is that earlier this year, back in July as I recall, we got new hard wood floors put in where we had carpet.  This has caused a marked improvement in all of our allergies; so money well spent.  Still, the couches that were sitting on that carpet were 10 years old and in bad shape.  Thank you son and dog.  This weekend we replaced it.  We always buy in cash, and we took advantage of the current Veteran’s Day Sale.  The one we bought had the wrong price on it, so we got a better deal than we were supposed to.  Woot.  That was a happy accident, but hey I will take the win.  That’s an extra $250 off because of their mistake.

We are continuing to discuss what to do about buying property.  My wife is not as comfortable with RealityShares as  I am, so it may be a while before we commit money to that.  In the meantime, we continue to own a lot of REITs, and I am quite content with that.  They have been quite good to us for years.

We have some extra savings that we had not invested in anything yet.  We will likely buy a few different sets of funds to include valuable metals and bond funds. Nothing sexy here, but I don’t think we have enough exposure in that area due to the various fluctuations; consider this a re-balancing act.  That money has been sitting in T-Bills for a while now, and that’s a fine place for extra cash.

So what else is going on, well, work and life is busy, so I may be posting a bit less for  a while.  That naked eye visible comet is getting brighter.  I will be out with that, and I will certainly try to get a photo of it.  The coming cold air helps with that, so that is one good thing about winter astronomy.

My oil bill was quite low this summer, so thank you heat pumps.  As the local air temperatures are mostly about 35 to 40 F at night.  That’s good enough to use the heatpumps at my current cost points.

That brings up an interesting point, my last electric supplier contract ended, and sadly my local utility’s rate is the best rate.  I’m hoping to see a better rate in a few weeks, but who knows.  That added about 1.5 cents per KWh to our electric bill. I’m hoping to get that down again

Well, that’s about all for today. I have some other commentary to share over the next week, so talk to you later


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