College Cost for the Kiddo: Thoughts and a Question

Do any of you count your kid’s 529 as part of your investments?  I do not.  Granted the amount in there is not huge, but I have seen some folks do it.  We are on target to get him to $200,000 by the time he goes to college.  Actually, we will be a bit past that with our current plan.

The expectation is that 4 years of college will cost for a public in state school will cost around $200,000.  That could go as high as double that if he goes out of state and private.  We could keep our savings rate for him going, and get most of that number which is about $400,000.  I’m using Vanguard’s calculator for this, so take that for what it’s worth.  You can see their numbers. As I said, we are saving at a rate that should get us to cover most of the $400,000 number, and depending on what he does, that could be a lot less if he goes in state.  Up here in the NY area, we a great variety of schools, but I won’t limit him.  If he goes ROTC as I did, then his costs will drop dramatically, and he will have the money to spend.

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