Erosion Repair Try 2


So a week ago I tried repairing my yard after some intense rains damaged it. It failed when more heavy rain came a few days later. All was not lost as the rains only washed the stones down hill a bit. Those stones are useful in their new position, so no complaints there. Still, I need to protect my hillsides.

You can see where the stones settled down the hillside from where I put them. In their current position, they will help shore up that muddy mess.

After noodling on it a little bit, I decided the best short term solution is retaining wall bricks and larger stones. This was an additional $70 over the $50 already spent. Lessons are not always cheap. I supported them with stones from other parts of my land.

The lighter color stones are what I hope will be a bit of a rumble strip or moguls for the water to jump and move around. They are bordered by local stones from my yard. I will likely beef that up over time. Also, you might notice how many leaves fell in a few days since the rain.  At most 10% of the leaves are down.  Those leaves will have many friends soon!

The workout from moving all of these stones was great. I really enjoyed it. I have that great after workout soreness. That’s one of those things that makes me so happy.

After I took that picture, I moved the dirt that accumulated on my driveway to fill the cracks. Again, we’ll see how well that works. What I am trying to prevent is the hillside erosion, so that is really all that matters to me. This is not a spot of my yard that gets a lot of attention.

Now, I just hope there is not a round 3 of this. Instead, assuming this fix works. If nothing else, the spring melt will test it, then I will make some aesthetic changes to make it look more polished.

On the other portion, the mistake that I made there was in blocking the path of the water. As you can see below, I did not make that mistake again.

Now the water has a path. I will have to seed heavily over that area, but that is not a problem. This area has never had this issue before, and I can only assume that all the recent heavy rain is the cause.  My neighbor’s ground level is at the top of that stone wall, and the water level was near that.  My yard only stopped draining across my driveway yesterday after what I hope was my last mow of the season.

If you have any better ideas on how to solve these issues, I’d love to hear them!


  1. Nice! Use of retaining-wall bricks is a new one for me, very creative and looks effective. One thought might be to try a 25′ straw wattle barrier ($30 at Home Depot). It can be moved as needed, or removed in the dry season(s). For smaller erosion waterpaths, a short pile of chainlink might be useful in slowing/spreading the water before it does much damage. Burlap sacks filled with sand/gravel have also worked well for me. Continued success to you!

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