Yard Work: Saving by Spending Update

Last week I wrote a post that was ultimately about my walk behind leaf blower.  Today,  I used it.  In a word, WOW!   I was stunned by how much easier my job of clearing my leaves became after that new leaf blower.  This is 100% a time saver.  After last year, I had enough of clearing the leaves.  I spent too much time last fall on it.  This year, with this new toy, I won’t.

In the video you see a lot of leaves.  That’s not.  The tree above that spot alone has lost I would estimate 5% to 10% of its leaves.  It usually  quite deep on the edges of my yard.

I think the lesson here is that you need the right tool for the job.  In the case of my yard, the right tool is this.  On a philosophical level, one has to think that studying finance is the right tool for life.  I do not suggest that everyone get a degree in finance, but I will be sure to share with my son the lessons that I have learned about saving for the future. It’s not enough to learn to save or to be wise with your money.  Those to lessons I got from my parents.  The question is why. I never really got that, and I think that is why I failed to follow that advice when I was in my 20s.  Now I don’t want to make it sound like I am blaming my parents, I’m not.  Sometimes, people can miss a message in spite of the best intention of those trying to teach them.

Anyway, this thing was great.  I cleared my yard in maybe 30 minutes for a yard about half an acre or so. It probably would be only that long with a lot more leaves.  That is something I will know in the next few weeks.

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