Sling TV and Discovery Channel made me Happy but I still may Cancel Sling

The details are slim still, but Sling did say they will not be charging extra for Sling blue or Sling orange. In opposition to the article, I believe we may get access to Discovery Channels as a add on, and not part of the standard packages. I am a fan of a lot of their content, less over the years admittedly.

I have never missed a Shark Week on Discovery. I love that programming. There are a fair number of shows that I truly like, although I must admit the all WW2 or Aliens all the time, as my wife calls the channel, is wearing a little thin even on me.

Treehouse masters is a great show that I love, and I enjoy Deadliest Catch. There are others, but I am not sure you would find it interesting if I continue.

Generally speaking, it’s nice to have some broadcast, but as I say that, I am not sure. I have family in the Hurricane Florence area, and while they are safe, I am now thinking about the coverage from various news channels. I don’t really turn to them for live coverage.

This morning one reporter on the news channel I was watching was berating a person who quite foolishly was not going to leave the barrier island that he lives on. That is a mistake. Still, nor was it interesting to listen to the reporter make himself sound all important talking to this man. I say that even though I agree with what the reporter was saying and trying to do. That was not news to me. I’d rather hear more about the other events of the storm, like preparations and such. I’d also like to hear the other news of the day.

So, that aside, why am I considering ending my Sling subscription. The simple answer is we don’t use it. I want to keep it to watch my Yankee games, but I rarely watch them. My wife watches on channel intermittently, but not enough to justify $25 a month. This isn’t even about the money so much as wasting it. If we don’t use the service, why pay for it?

For the same reason I have not been watching much baseball, I haven’t been watching much football. I truly enjoy and love both sports, but I find I am spending my time other ways. Its a bit sad to me as the Yankees are quite good this year, and the Giants, well my football team is better probably.

I should add that few Yankee games are available OTA, and even then an internal amplified OTA antenna is not enough to get anything other than CBS at my home. I may put up a outdoor mounted one at some point.

This leaves me with why keep Sling if my wife and I don’t use it. My son mostly watches Netflix for his cartoons.

In all likelihood, I will cancel Sling after the Yankees season ends. I will certainly make time for their playoff games, and then reconsider things in the spring. Football, if I feel the need can be found at a bar, which is more fun to watch a game at. I can’t see myself watching it any more than baseball which I enjoy more.


  1. I hate to say it, but I don’t think the medium is the deciding factor for someone making themselves more important. I suspect you’d find that dynamic on any channel, outlet, or website. People innately want to feel special, so they often aggrandize their own situation to seem exceptional.
    And your reasoning for cutting the service is exactly why I haven’t ever subscribed. I really enjoy the content when I watch, but I find myself with less and less free time to do so. Like you, I’ve got many competing priorities and can’t carve out time to enjoy the service enough to justify the cost. As a result, I watch TV in social settings with friends and family and find a way to combine multiple items of interest.
    It sounds like you’ll soon be cutting the cord on Sling and I can’t say it’s a bad idea. Watch football at the bar with friends or find other, more flexible ways to catch the games.


    1. That’s pretty much the conversation I had with my wife yesterday. Even tonight, as the skies clear, I am planning on heading out with friends for some astronomy. So much for watching tonight’s game.

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