Autoblog Reviews the Mylo Electric Scooter

Autoblog recently reviewed an electric scooter that retails for about $1500. I think this is a good product for those who can use it. If you have a commute that is a few miles, or if rides to town are that far, then you might have something here. The problem is if it becomes another thing in your home. I love bike riding, and the idea of getting to work on one without having to pedal is compelling. For me, $1500 is a lot to spend for such a thing when I already have a car and a bicycle, so I would have to be able to not use my car for a significant chunk of time to justify the cost. Saving mileage on my car which I will need to use at least half the year when its snowing or raining is not trivial. I could see the pre or post kids at home version of me using a scooter like this to get around. That would be justified.

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