How to save money while playing the lottery – CBS News

I would be very uncomfortable doing this due to the fact that they want a direct link your bank account. Were I to do it, I would open a new account at a bank I am not using. I would then fund that with a few bucks, maybe $100 or so. I have heard people talking about it, so this article is not the first I have heard about it independently.

As you can tell from my commentary, I am very uncomfortable with this app. I do not recommend it, not yet anyway.

If I hear more, or get word from those folks I know who are considering doing it, I will let you know with an update.


  1. what next? how to get healthy by smoking?
    but then I read the article and see that it is a bit like the UK’s Premium Bonds.
    maybe the only acceptable form of gambling. 🙂 but there is always a risk that the raffle is rigged or set up to enrich the organisers at the expense of the participants or beneficiaries

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    1. Actually, didn’t that used to be true? Didn’t they used to actually say that? I look at gambling like I do going to the amusement park. I am going to spend some money for fun. I see bitcoin pretty much the same way. Every day I hear an opinion from a source I respect that contradicts another source I respect. Penny stocks are also gambling in my mind. So, there you go. But, I still buy $5 to $10 in lottery tickets each month. When I do, I daydream about how I will spend the money, and well that’s a form of entertainment to me.


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