How to install solar power strong enough for a hurricane – pv magazine USA

It has been a key concern of mine over the years about how well solar stands up to hurricanes. This report on which panels stood up to last year’s Caribbean hurricanes is very informative.

To me, it wasn’t a question of could it be done so much as what would it cost to do it. The follow on question is would that hurricane protection make the installation too expensive. I am happy to say the data is in and that it seems that it is only 5% extra.

Now I have no way to personally validate this. Sadly I could not find another article that independently verified this analysis. This leaves me optimistic, I mean we can say some installations survived, and some did not. So, it probably is mostly trustworthy.

I still don’t understand why more solar installations are not in places like the American Southwest.

That us one of the best places in the world to make the installation cost effective. I am sure there are aspects to this I have not accounted for, but I still wonder why. It makes more sense to put them there than a brownfield in upstate NY. There tax payer money is involved to make up, in my opinion, for lower efficiency from the sun due to the higher latitude and greater annual cloud cover.

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