Experiment with Spending Tracking

I was motivated by reading Tread Lightly, Retire Early’s weekly posts on being frugal to try to track my weekly spending.  This is something that I have never really done before.  I think part of this is due to the fact that I have usually been mostly careful with my small spending, aside from my 20s when I spent a lot of time in bars and restaurants.

Most of the time I make big purchases, most recently my new monitor.  What can I say, I am boy who loves my toys. This is what burns me, though.  While I do loves this monitor, it is not cheap.  It has improved my productivity, it’s great having multiple windows open as I research my posts, and it’s been great for my gaming.  I have used two 24″ monitors at work for a long time now, but I find the bar in the middle to be distracting.  Which monitor do I look at, whereas with this beast, it just feels more natural.

My old 24″ monitor is 10 years old, and I have always been good about taking care of my things.  I still have my mountain bike that I purchased in 1998.  Aside from new grips, breaks, and of course tires, it’s still the same bike, and looking great.

In thinking lately, we really have developed a bad habit of going out to eat, or more likely getting take out, way, way too often.  This really needs to stop. I am toying with the idea of tracking my spending.  I found this app in the Android market, and I am experimenting with it starting today.  I am not sure either the app or the practice will work for me, but I will give it a try.  I am not sure if tracking it weekly or monthly will help me better control my spending.  I will test it out, and keep you posted.  If it does work for me, then I have to figure out the best way to track it.  Do I keep a primary page on my main page, or just blog posts.  At this point, who knows.

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