Protect Your Router

Now this article is not primarily about finance, but it is peripherally related.  If your router is hacked, your bandwidth will drop.  If your bandwidth drops, then you will not be getting the value for your money.  In the case of cord-cutters like me, it’s even more important.  In my house, at any given time, there is likely to be one person on a pc, and 2 or 3 HD video streams running.

The article shows how to check for one of the two major viruses,  but that’s better than nothing.

Regardless if you are a cord-cutter, a hacked router might make your system more vulnerable in other ways.  This is highly unlikely, in all fairness, so long as you have a decent virus scanning program.  But, it’s it worth mentioning that you could get hacked in some way.  While I can say I’ve never known someone who has been hacked, it is technically possible.

That begs the question, what is decent.  Basically, avoid Kapersky, as multiple governments have suggested.  The rest, even the one built into windows 10 for free is good.  Still, many of the brand name ones come free with your ISP.  All the major US cable companies offer a free subscription to one or another of the major antivirus brands to internet service customers.  Just search your ISP name and free anti-virus.  That will usually take you to the page to download it. I also think you should periodically run MalwareBytes.  That is a free to use program for manual scans only, real-time protection will cost you a monthly fee.  I manually scan my family’s computers once a month to clean up ad tracking programs dropped by websites, and other related programs.

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