5 Ways to Save after Cord Cutting?

This story really is not about cord cutting. Its just a few ideas about how to save money.

The big problem that I have is the one point they make that is actually related to the topic of the article. They go on to say that you don’t need fast internet. I checked a few streaming services, and the guide from Netflix is a good approximation for all I checked.

To save you checking the link, I copied the relavent data from the link here.

  • 0.5 Megabits per second – Required broadband connection speed

  • 1.5 Megabits per second – Recommended broadband connection speed

  • 3.0 Megabits per second – Recommended for SD quality

  • 5.0 Megabits per second – Recommended for HD quality

  • 25 Megabits per second – Recommended for Ultra HD quality

So, if you live alone, you will be fine with 25Mb/s internet speed. If you plan on surfing the web while you watch tv, it will have an impact on you video quality at HD (1080p), let alone Ultra HD (4K).

There are a couple of things I should mention here. First of all, I have tested what I am telling you. You should test your internet speed with nothing running, and see how well your connection actually lives up to the stated speed. Most people most of the time do not get that at primetime. You can check with Speedtest or one of many similar sites.

Now try that test while streaming. It should and will drop. Watching 2 HD streaming will be tough at 25mb/s.

If someone is gaming , working from home, or watching 4k (extremely rare still) you will need more speed. I suggest 100Mb/s or 200Mb/s.

The rest of their suggestions are fine, but are not really related to cord cutting.

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