5 Cord Cutting Mistakes?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know by now that I like to offer my commentary on articles by others.  Here is my take on this one: 5 Common Cord Cutting Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

#1 Expecting Cord Cutting to Work Like Cable

They are right.  You need to think about the content you want to see as opposed to the channel that hosts it.  That is a big change, but if you think about it, it’s better.  One bad thing is that some content switches from one service to another, but that’s why we like our Roku (most streaming devices have this same option) that allows us to search across all streaming sources, and it will tell you which ones have it for free, part of your existing subscription, or you have to pay for.

#2 Rushing into Cord Cutting

This is true. In my article about our experiences, I said the same thing.  You want to first figure out if you NEED a Roku or other streaming device.  You need to figure out which live streaming you want; Hulu, Youtube, Sling, or one of many others.  You may want an antenna.  (https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps) This link tells you what you can expect to get with a antenna.  We tried an indoor one, and it really works only for one OTA channel.  We’re just unlucky, but most folks in the US are in better shape.

The article also suggests to try it first, then cancel cable.  As I say in my primary article on this, I agree.  I would say, figure out what channels you must have.  Find out, if any, which streaming service is best for your need.  They all don’t have the same channels.  Check out which other services you like; Hulu, Prime, Netflix, Youtube, etc.  Most services are free for a week or more.  After that, then buy your streaming device, if needed. Most modern TVs have it built in, so you may not need one. Then if you are still happy, cut the cord.

#3 Wanting Everything

Be prepared to turn on some streaming options, and turning them off.  Buying a season pass is also a good idea, as they suggest.  So good suggestions here.

#4 Not Looking at the True Cost of Cable

Yes, I compared the price including all the taxes and fees for both systems, and did not include Netflix as I was already paying for it.  Prime, in our case, was an addition, but since there are other aspects of it, the cheaper shipping, we calculate that Video service as free.

#5 Doing What Your Friend Did

This is also true, don’t do what I did, aside from the research.  Do the research that I did, and decide what is best for you.

What they missed

They failed to mention that you will need to have a hefty wifi router, preferably one with multiple channels, to do this effectively.  Preferably, you should buy one with multiple channels. Another good option, particularly if your house is large, is to buy a mesh network of routers, where one router is connected to the cable internet, and the rest communicate via wifi with it.  They also can be connected to your device via an Ethernet cable. I purchased a hefty router, and I am quite happy with it for my home which is sub 2000 sq ft on 2 levels.


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