Why am I blogging?

The short answer to that question is to share what I have learned, to learn from others, and to help keep me a bit more on track with my own goals. My logic is that if it remains an interest, I will do a better job of staying on track. I do wish I learned some of the ideas I will share here earlier than I did, or applied them better when I did learn them.   One of the things I will do is to share my mistakes and stores about how and what I did.  I hope you find it interesting.

One of the motivating factors in doing this is that a lot of friends, some younger, and some older have asked me for advice. This blog is just a continuation of those conversations.  I’m going to show you all what I show them, and record what I am learning as I go. That alone is value to me if this blog doesn’t help anyone.  If nothing else, I will help myself.

This brings me to my most important point, I may be wrong on anything and everything I say.  There are many reasons for this.  For starters, I am an engineer, not a financial advisor.  My goal is to share what I think is true and my opinions, as I learn them, and hoping that others find it interesting. Now most things I’ll write about are far from controversial, and the rest vary depending on your own evaluation of life. Is it better to spend a bit more now, or save a bit more now?  What is your risk tolerance?  Where do you live, and would you move?  How much do you earn, and what do you have to do to earn; commuting to NYC vs living in NYC for instance.

This all boils down to the fact that everyone values things differently. Everyone has a different risk tolerance, and even tolerance for this subject.  Thinking about retirement is scary, difficult, and can easily be overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be, though.  Digging in to it a bit can be quite interesting, and having a good plan can address a lot of the issues that people can have.

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